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Davies Awards of Excellence – Why Apply/Benefits

  Dr. John Bender, Miramont Family Medicine, 2010 Davies Ambulatory are Award winner, explains the benefits of applying for the Davies Ambulatory Care Award
  Why apply for the Davies Award of Excellence?
  Rewarding Journey of Applying for the Davies Ambulatory Care Award

Applying for the Davies Award provided a framework to methodically document the processes involved in successfully implementing an EHR. Winning this prestigious award has validated all of Urban Health Plan’s hard work in caring for and improving the health of our patients.

Alison Connelly-FloresAlison Connelly-Flores, RPA-C
EHR Project Manager
Urban Health Plan,
2009 Davies CHO Award
Bronx, NY

“We found the Davies Award process to be valuable both on an internal and external level. The process made us pause and take a critical look at our objectives in deploying systems and how well we were meeting our original intent. The evaluation committee brought an experienced, broad perspective and raised questions for us to consider that led to additional improvement opportunities. The award gave us the chance to celebrate and recognize what we’ve accomplished. On an external level, the recognition from the award has connected us with similar organizations so that we can continue to learn from each other.”

Susan Heichert
Allina Hospitals & Clinics 2007 Davies Organizational Award

“For me personally, the Davies Award started me down a very exciting path of opportunity in healthcare, a chance to make a difference on a larger scale, and to ultimately influence the healthcare of those who I could have never reached without this recognition.”

Jim Morrow, MD
North Fulton Family Practice 2004 Davies Ambulatory Award

“Winning the HIMSS award increased awareness of NC DETECT both within North Carolina and at a national level. After the award, we have been asked to present to Senate and White House biosurveillance staffers. We have also been asked to contribute a book chapter on biosurveillance in North Carolina for a homeland security book.”

Amy Ising, NC DETECT Program Director
2005 Davies Public Health Award




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